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Lemus Painting Tulsa Commercial Services

There are many commercial services that Lemus Painting has come across in their years of experience. As a Tulsa painting and remodeling company, their goal is to always make your space look better. Here are some ways Lemus Painting can serve you and your commercial space:


The interior of your building can easily set the workplace atmosphere. Having modern and professional looking fixtures can create a more enjoyable environment. Lemus Painting provides detailed and precise cabinet painting for your office space. First, get a free estimate then watch the work get done! They can create a space that all your employees and clients will enjoy.


Wood rot in your office space can be a hazard to your workers and customers. A professional is needed in order to properly extract the rot and make the appropriate replacements. Lemus Painting prides themselves on their attention to detail when working on wood rot repair. They’ll accurately extract the rot and make the correct replacements. They want to make your office a safer place for everyone!


Plaster and drywall damage in your work area can make your office look unkempt and unprofessional. Lemus Painting has years of experience repairing drywall and plaster in commercial spaces to help restore the polished and professional look to your work space. You can get free estimates on any plaster & drywall repair ahead of time so you’re not blindsided by a large bill.


Texture on workspace walls and ceilings can create an inviting and familiar feel to visiting customers and clients. As a painter with over 7 years of experience, Lemus Painting knows the ins and outs of applying texture to create the space you want. With a consistent eye and a trained hand, Lemus Painting will make your space feel brand new!


The exterior of you office building is the first impression you’ll be able to make on most of your customers. Lemus Painting can see to the exterior of your work area by installing and replacing full siding. A polished and clean look can go a long way to draw in customers. Lemus Painting provides references upon request so that you can see what all their customers are saying!


The difference between an office and a home is that with an office, you’re trying to maintain a professional appeal. Having fixtures and floors stained can help enhance that appeal to employees and clients. Lemus Painting offers staining services with a guaranteed quick turn around.


Professional and work environments must maintain a sense of cleanliness not only to attract customers, but also to meet workplace standards. Lemus Painting can provide detailed power washing services to make your business sparkle and shine! With the proper equipment and technical skill, Lemus Painting can guarantee quality work and restoration when it comes to power washing. References are available upon request.

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