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Lemus Painting Tulsa Residential Services

Lemus Painting offers Tulsa painting and remodeling services that encompass a wide range of specialties and skills. When it comes to residential services, there are quite a few common projects that Lemus Painting can help with:


Having cabinets painted in your house can give your home a modern, clean look while increasing your home’s value. It’s important to choose a professional team who can transform your cabinets into what you are envisioning.


Not only can wood rot in your home be potentially dangerous but it can also be difficult to spot get rid of to the untrained eye. Lemus Painting provides a skilled and professional hand to not only remove the wood rot, but also to take care of any repair that would need to be done.


Many of us can attest to the feeling you get when you realize you have a hole in your wall or ceiling but you don’t know how to fix it. There’s even a worst feeling once you’ve tried to fix it but there’s now a very noticeable patch on the wall that sticks out like a sore thumb. Lemus Painting has years of experience in plaster and drywall repair. They can quickly repair and replace so you don’t have to deal with the hassle and worry of trying to figure it out on your own. Once they’ve completed the project, no one will ever be able to tell that there was a problem!


When it comes to adding texture to your ceiling and walls, you want to hire a professional that can apply a steady and consistent look throughout the entire room. Lemus Painting can guarantee quality work when it comes to adding texture to surfaces. They have all the materials needed to apply the texture you’re looking for and make your home stand out.


The outside of your home is your first impression on many people, and your siding on your house and its condition can play a big role. You may want to replace the siding on your house, but you don’t want to use a company that will surprise you with a big bill at the end. Lemus Painting provides installation of full siding on your home to make your first impression a good one. Before any project, they can give you a free estimate for what it will cost them to get the job done. No more worry or hassle; just a good-looking house!


Staining can make any structure look brand new; however, it can seem like a big task, especially when you have pets, kids, and family members to be aware of. Lemus Painting offers staining services with quick turnaround so you can enjoy your home in no time. From floors to decks and anything in between, Lemus Painting can give your home a quality look.


Popcorn ceiling is outdated and not the prettiest to look at. Without a skilled hand, trying to remove popcorn ceiling by yourself can be a disaster. Lemus Painting provides a quick and efficient service when it comes to removing popcorn ceiling. With all the right equipment, disposal method, and experience, Lemus Painting can transform your ceiling into something you want to look at.


Sometimes, power washing is the only way to get something clean, although it can be very technical and messy. Lemus Painting is up for the challenge of your power washing project. With attention-to-detail and quality work guaranteed, they can leave your property looking good-as-new!

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